East Garden 7,50€ | Tanqueray Nº Ten Gin with passion fruit puree, lemon juice, flower liqueur, ginger beer and lemon foam.
Special Offer on Tanqueray Nº Ten Gin.

Gin Gin Mule 7,50€ | Fresh mint muddled in Tanqueray Nº Ten, lime juice, honey and Fever Ginger Beer.
Special Offer on Tanqueray Nº Ten Gin.

Baby, I Love Your Way 8,60€ | Pineapple and cucumber muddled G’Vine Gin, tangerine puree, honey and finished with peach and jasmine soda. 


Porn Star Martini 8.60€ | Grey Goose Vodka with passion fruit puree, vanilla syrup and champagne.

Spicy 2.0 8,60€ | Grey Goose Vodka with tangerine, spicy mango puree, cinnamon-mint syrup and ginger beer.

Citrus Cosmopolitan 8,20€ | Red berries muddled in Ketel One Vodka with orange liqueur, lime, cranberry juice and lemon foam.


Caribbean Mint 8,60€ | Fresh mint muddled Zacapa 23 Rum, passion fruit puree, lemon juice and ginger ale.

Cinema Paradiso 8.60€ | Zapaca 23 Rum with Lillet Blanc, lime juice, tangerine puree, vanilla syrup and finished with peach and jasmine soda. 

Red Fusion 8,20€ | Pineapple and raspberry muddled in Bacardi Black Label, lime juice, simple syrup and pineapple and raspberry foam.


Al Capone 8,20€ | Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey with NiC’s house-made cinnamon and kaffir lime syrup, elderflower liqueur, passion fruit puree, lemonade and rose aroma.

Bloody Barrel 8,60€ |  Fresh mint muddled in The Glenrothes 10 Years Whisky, blood orange, cinnamon syrup, lime and ginger beer.

Ginger & Honey 8,60€ | Ginger muddled in The Glenrothes 10 Years Whisky, lemon juice honey and lemon foam.


Strawberry and Ginger Margarita 9,00€ | Strawberry and ginger muddled in Don Julio Blanco Tequila, lemon juice and elderflower liqueur.

Passion Fruit and Kumquat Margarita 9,00€ | Kumquat muddled Don Julio Reposado Tequila, Del Maguey Mezcal, orange liqueur, passion fruit puree and agave syrup.

Mexicali Mule 9,00€ | Fresh mint muddeld in Don Julio Blanco Tequila, lime juice, honey and ginger beer.


Coconut Grove 8,20€ | Leblon Cachaça and Bacardi Black Label Rum with coconut puree, fresh mint, lemon and pineapple juice.

Socarratinha 8.20€ |  Leblon Cachaça with saffron, home-made cinnamon and lemon leaves syrup, lime juice and agave.

Pink Flamindo 8,60€ | Ginger and basil muddled in Leblon Cachaça and Grey Goose Vodka, watermelon puree, lime juice, ginger ale and lemon foam.


Spritz Classic 6.50€ | Aperol Aperitive, soda and prosecco wine.

Hugo Spritz 7.50€ |  Elderflower Liqueur, fresh mint leaves, apple slice, soda and prosseco wine.

Chandon Garden Spritz 7.50€ glass / 35€ bottle |  Chandon Sparkling Wine mixed with dehydrated orange and fresh rosemary.